Volume: 500 g.

Article: ION20252

MSM Lignisul supplements the body with methyl and organically bound sulphur. MSM Lignisul helps the body to repair itself at the cellular level. The deficiency is addressed by providing the body with the right materials to repair itself.

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Made: Sweden

laboratory: Ion Silver



MSM Lignisul supplements the body with methyl and organically bound sulphur. MSM helps the body to repair itself at the cellular level. The deficiency is dealt with by giving the body the right materials to repair itself with, which among other things helps hair skin and nails. Imagine a product that enhances your appearance by making your hair stronger and more vibrant, your nails stronger and your skin softer.

Benefits of MSM in powder form.

Here are some advantages of buying MSM in powder form:

  1. Usually absorbed faster and more completely by the body compared to MSM in tablet form.
  2. Easier to dose and take. One to two teaspoons in water is easier to swallow than 7-10 tablets.
  3. Mix MSM powder in ointment and apply topically.
  4. Mix MSM powder in liquid and use as a spray.
  5. Brush your teeth with MSM powder!
  6. Lignisul MSM consists of pure MSM.Tablets usually have additives.
  7. Cheaper.


For the first week, take a quarter teaspoon (1 teaspoonful) per day dissolved in a glass of water or juice. After a week, you can increase the dose by a quarter of a teaspoon each week until you reach the optimal dose, which can vary between half a teaspoon and three teaspoons per day. If you have a strong reaction to even a small amount of spice, reduce the dose. Some people only tolerate a few grains at first.

The dosage can vary greatly between individuals. The dose can be spread over a couple of doses per day if desired. If you get loose in your stomach, reduce it to a level that your stomach can handle. MSM can also be mixed into food or drink (coffee, tea, etc.) if you prefer. Do not take your dose before bedtime. The best before date is indicated on the packaging.


Keep dry at room temperature and out of reach of small children.


Preparation process for our MSM

The supplier Ion Silver originally had in Canada, moved its production to China already 6-7 years ago. Ion Silver had no choice but to follow and continued to receive well-functioning deliveries. The Lignisul and Alavis brands are linked to the manufacturer. In the meantime, we assumed that they continued to use wood as a raw material.

We heard nothing specific that would lead us to assume otherwise. A few years ago, after a similar question, we again asked about the origin, and were told that they had now switched to using natural gas as a source of their MSM. Trees are becoming scarce even in China, and they have had to review the whole chain and think as much as possible about the environmental aspect.

Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you use as a source when producing MSM. As long as it contains enough hydrocarbons. You can use natural gas or trees as a raw material. Hydrocarbon from trees or natural gas is solar energy from the past. In the case of trees, it is done in the form of utilising the by-product of pulp production.
The only way to distinguish between MSM produced from natural gas – and MSM extracted from paper pulp, is to do a Carbon-14 dating. It is only the age of the product’s base material that distinguishes the products. MSM is a chemical compound, a molecule with the formula CH3SO2CH3.

The process is based on the extraction of methanol from gas or paper pulp. This is then used to produce DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide). This DMSO is then crystallised and the process produces MSM. The MSM Ion Silver distributes is used by tens of thousands of satisfied users across the country.

Destillation eller kristallisation.

Det MSM Ion Silver säljer är av högsta möjliga farmakologiska kvalitet. Det är garanterat att hålla en renhet på minst 99,95%. Vår leverantör använder sig av kristalliseringsprocessen. Eftersom endast Bergstrom Nutrition i USA får destillera sitt MSM på grund av ett patent, är alla andra tvungna att använda kristalliseringsteknik. Detta leder till att Bergstrom kan säga att de har marginellt mindre föroreningar i sitt MSM, max 5 ppm, till skillnad från vår tillverkare som hävdar att de har max 10 ppm.

The main difference is as following:

1) Water content (Bergstrom Nutrition Distillation method) less than 0.1%, and our traditional method Is less than 0.2 %

2) Heavy metals (Bergstrom Nutrition Distillation method) less than 5ppm, and our traditional method is less than 10ppm.

  1. Selin

    I periodically order MSM from the manufacturer Ion-siler. The drug works. The skin is cleared of acne, hair began to grow better. I take 1 teaspoon a day, I dissolve it in water (I pour it into 1 sip) it tastes bitter, but I can drink it.

  2. Arman

    I ordered it for myself, as I have problems with my spine and joints. I take not the first year. The thing is working. Started doing sports. Became less painful joints. At first I took 3 grams in the morning and evening with food, about a month. Then I switched to preventive, 3 grams in the morning. Sometimes I take a break for a month. I feel great. You don’t have to take it all the time. It depends on how you feel. I recommend it.

  3. Emma

    Good supplement, I took it to treat problem skin, I took a teaspoon in a glass of water morning and evening at first, then the dosage was reduced, the skin cleared up, I also make face masks at night, later bought my parents for muscles and joints.

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